First Date(with a book)

Nothing makes me nervous more than a spotlight, no matter how small. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to be noticed because attention scares me. Yet, as an indie author, I have to put myself out there, create ads, talk to people, and present myself as human. Well, I am human. A clumsy … Continue reading First Date(with a book)

Tips for new writers- Sentence fragments

So, you've written a beautiful first chapter and have the hook that first sentence needs to be to pull the reader in and keep them going, but your following sentence is dangling there. It's a description and a continuation of the sentence before. And then you have a new paragraph. You've moved on to the … Continue reading Tips for new writers- Sentence fragments

New Year’s Resolution(and other stuff)

I hope everyone enjoyed a good holiday, and your worries are few. I'm hoping this year will be better than last. So, I've been reading over the holidays. And not in the genre I write in, simply because I need to think about it, mull things over, since the next book in the Gemini Deiux … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution(and other stuff)

Windows 10, Oh, how I…

So, back in the day(we won't count how many because we'd be here forever), I was going to school for(that means university- college, whatever y'all call it) for Business Computer Programming. I love languages, including the dead ones(ahem- C, C++, Csharp... Latin 🤣😂😊😉). I dream of owning a Mac one day, but dang them things … Continue reading Windows 10, Oh, how I…