Excerpt from Essence And Bone

Meet Rowan Kaimi Félidés, lord Memoraie and his personal friend, Patton: He hitched his backpack higher and tried to calculate how long it would take to get home on foot. Why, oh why had he chosen to live thirty miles from the school? Why had his brother sent him to school in the first place? … Continue reading Excerpt from Essence And Bone

The last one I Finished

I had a strange question today, from a new writer, and it struck me as odd. Which book are you most proud of? The last one I finished. Why? Because it takes a lot to finish a book. Ideas are the easy part. Mapping it all out, plotting, making notes for each chapter because they … Continue reading The last one I Finished

I Am So Tired

The kindle version of Wishin On Fire is live, and I set Sidebars and Actuals, the prequel for free. It has been the longest week. Daylight Savings has not saved me any time at all. If anything, it's completely screwed up my sleep schedule. I got thrown off track, and here I sit at ten … Continue reading I Am So Tired