First Date(with a book)

Nothing makes me nervous more than a spotlight, no matter how small. I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to be noticed because attention scares me. Yet, as an indie author, I have to put myself out there, create ads, talk to people, and present myself as human. Well, I am human. A clumsy … Continue reading First Date(with a book)

Tips for new writers- Sentence fragments

So, you've written a beautiful first chapter and have the hook that first sentence needs to be to pull the reader in and keep them going, but your following sentence is dangling there. It's a description and a continuation of the sentence before. And then you have a new paragraph. You've moved on to the … Continue reading Tips for new writers- Sentence fragments

I can’t wrap my brain around…

Saw a tweet today- a really good snippet of a scene, and the author of the tweet used the word flashing to describe the character's eyes. One of the responses was- is she an android? After rolling my eyes and slumping in my chair, I took a deep breath and decided, okay. Let's define eyes … Continue reading I can’t wrap my brain around…

Excerpt from Essence And Bone

Meet Rowan Kaimi Félidés, lord Memoraie and his personal friend, Patton: He hitched his backpack higher and tried to calculate how long it would take to get home on foot. Why, oh why had he chosen to live thirty miles from the school? Why had his brother sent him to school in the first place? … Continue reading Excerpt from Essence And Bone

New Year’s Resolution(and other stuff)

I hope everyone enjoyed a good holiday, and your worries are few. I'm hoping this year will be better than last. So, I've been reading over the holidays. And not in the genre I write in, simply because I need to think about it, mull things over, since the next book in the Gemini Deiux … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution(and other stuff)