It’s Been A While

Marketing, writing, and all that jazz are hard. It’s time-consuming. This blog is part of that, I know, and I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back here.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about flow.

My writing style has changed over the years. My chapters are shorter, there is one point per chapter, and it leads to the next chapter. Grammatically, I’ve changed a lot. I still hate commas. Just where do they go?

Not the point. Let’s talk about time.

Unless you are writing a short story, I would definitely try to keep the time in a chapter consistent. Don’t jump to something different without explaining how you got there.

If your MC is too tired to move in one paragraph, don’t have them traipsing all over the countryside in the next. There was a time jump there, they got better, and it wasn’t explained. The reader will say, wait, what?

Don’t rush. If you’ve hit a point and want to move things forward, find a way to end the scene and start the next chapter.

Chapters should have a beginning, a middle, and an ending- even if the ending is a cliffhanger because you want the reader to turn the page.

Never be afraid to cut a sentence. The words are our babies, but it’s the story as a whole. If a sentence doesn’t fit, take it out, put it where it goes, or delete it entirely.

And, I know some authors who hate this idea, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Use an online editor if you can’t afford a real person to look at your stuff. The online editor-grammarly, pro-writing aide- they will point out misspelled words and make you reread a sentence that needs changing. they’ll help with punctuation, too. All the little things that need to be fixed before you hand it to someone else.

They do not tell you which sentences don’t fit in the paragraph. They aren’t the same as having another set of eyes on your work. But they help.

We don’t always start out the gate knowing or remembering everything. Online editors remind us.

So, work on your flow, edit, and happy writing.

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