So, I did a thing…

I joined twitter. I mean, everyone says it helps, and well, every little bit, right?

So, I joined. Now what? Does it work like Instagram? I have no clue. I write, I edit, I promote. Find cover designers, beta readers, work with my writing group, work with my editors…

Now I have to learn the language of tweet. (As if English isn’t hard enough, and I’m pretty fluent, well, except when I type larch instead of large and learned a new word… but still)

Twitter scares the hell out of me. Every time I do something new, or enter a new situation, I come off as a noob. I know I do. It makes me nervous.

So, any advice on Twitter?

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day. (I’m gonna go back to work and pretend my first tweet wasn’t stupid, and hope people overlook my noobishness and follow me anyway.)

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