Hello! So, things have been crazy around here and there’s so much to tell you! First I want to say that I hope everyone is doing good and that February is treating you good.

I’ve been working hard on getting book 5 done for the Gemini Deiux series, and I have a release date- March 2, 2022. Cover reveal and title will be coming soon to my Instagram, so check me out there for all the little updates I don’t make here, and I’d love it if you followed me, too :).

I’m excited to get book 5 out. It took a while because I changed some things up, and really hope you like it.

Second, I am working on book 2 for Gaia’s Alphas. I jumped right out of finishing book 5 for Gemini Deiux and straight into working on Gaia’s Alphas. I can’t just take a break and sit on my hands while I’m waiting for things to happen. I took a break over the holiday, read about a lot of books, and then got back to work.

The covers for Gaia’s Alphas have been revamped, and I’m excited about that. Hope to reveal those soon.

Third, I was recently interviewed on a podcast, and hope you’ll take a listen when you have time. Daniel Coolbaugh is an awesome person, easy to talk to, and a fellow author. For the month of February, he is doing a series called February She Wrote, featuring female authors wrote write Sci-Fi, fantasy, and paranormal. So, if you get a chance do check it out.

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fanatic Podcast- Episode 34

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Fanatic Podcast Episode 34 on Youtube

Anyway, that’s all for now. Be sure to look for Book 5 to come out on March 2, cover reveal and title coming soon to Instagram, so watch for it there, and I’ll post it here. Also, take a listen to the podcast and check out the other podcasts- meet some more great female authors.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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