The last one I Finished

I had a strange question today, from a new writer, and it struck me as odd.

Which book are you most proud of?

The last one I finished.


Because it takes a lot to finish a book. Ideas are the easy part. Mapping it all out, plotting, making notes for each chapter because they have to have beginnings, middles, and ends too- finishing a book without getting stuck halfway through or messing up the whole plotline? Is hard.

Getting to the end and feeling confident that you have followed the plot all the way through with no holes takes time.

Writers get stuck. I know I do. I have two that I need to finish right now, but I’m just not feeling them. I am, however, working on another because I write something every day. Something. No matter what is going on, I write-every day.

I’m currently 20k into my new WIP. I can’t say I’m proud of it yet because it’s not finished.

It’s mapped, the chapters are plotted, and when I sit down to write, sometimes the notes change and I end up with it going a different way, but I am writing every day.

That’s the hard part. Just writing.

For an indie author, part of our day is spent marketing, connecting with readers and other writers, writing groups, blogs, research, reading, and family life. Real life sometimes gets in the way, but we make it through.

We work hard every day to finish that chapter and to move onto the next one- just to keep the plot flowing and to get to the end. each book we write is most likely better than the last, because we learn, grow, and change with each word.

Finishing the book also means several rounds of edits, others’ opinions, and a lot of polishing.

So the answer to the question is- the last one I finished.

Current new release: Wishin On Fire

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