I Am So Tired

The kindle version of Wishin On Fire is live, and I set Sidebars and Actuals, the prequel for free. It has been the longest week. Daylight Savings has not saved me any time at all. If anything, it’s completely screwed up my sleep schedule. I got thrown off track, and here I sit at ten til four, working on what I think might be Gemini Deiux 5.

I keep going back to make edits on the beginning, and the story is writing itself. The first draft made it to 30k words, and the second has reached half that, and I’m nowhere near the halfway point. Then I hit a wall. slammed into it head first and am waiting for my thoughts to stop circling my head and actually land. Usually about this time I realize that I need to change the POV, and as I’m typing this, it does seem obvious.

Turning the scene around and taking it from the opposite angle would probably go much more smoothly. Writing isn’t as easy as some think. It’s a pain in the butt, and sometimes the MCs just refuse to talk. Or they are, I personally don’t like what they are telling me. So we have a spat and in the end we come to an agreement.

Now, to some people, what I just said makes it sound like I’m nuts. The truth is, we create these characters, and then have to step into them, become them, to tell their side of the story, including their inner thoughts and explain how they see things. Last night, slipping into the head of one of my antagonists came so easy. Tonight, I can’t seem to get into the head of my protagonist. I even decided to put a pin in the scene and write the one after, but…

Now, I realize I need to bullet point the things I need to happen, which helps. Just write it all down, and then come back and fill in the gaps. Filling in the gaps is easier than staring at a blank page. And, it’s always harder when there are small details I hadn’t fleshed out before I began the revision.

So, I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee, grab my pen, and make those bullet points.

Are there things you do to work out a scene when the words won’t come?

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I’m going to pray to the coffee gods for some inspiration in my cup. 😊

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