So, I paid for awesome character art for Raven, a character who has been my heart and soul for YEARS. The artist is extremely talented and can be found here: keni_aryani

They took all of my ideas and created him for me.

I took him to teespring and put him on a tee-shirt. Probably sounds weird to make merch from character art, or for an indie author to have merch, but I do. I am sooooo pleased to have character art. Digital artists work their butts off, I tell ya. They are so talented.

I write. Couldn’t even begin to draw(and I’ve tried).

Update on youtube video: it’s coming soon, and I’m gonna be talking to fellow indie author Luna Luxer, who has a wicked talent for the macabre. Her book, Synodic Corruption will give you nightmares. 💀☠ I can’t wait!

Wishin on Fire on sale now- KU- ebook out March 17, hardcover available now at

Gaia’s Alphas: Renault(book 1) available on

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