Windows 10, Oh, how I…

So, back in the day(we won’t count how many because we’d be here forever), I was going to school for(that means university- college, whatever y’all call it) for Business Computer Programming. I love languages, including the dead ones(ahem- C, C++, Csharp… Latin 🤣😂😊😉).

I dream of owning a Mac one day, but dang them things are pricey. The nightmare of course, would be learning a whole new OS. (I have enough headaches)

Basically, I grew up on Windows. Back when there was just DOS. (Okay, I’m old.)

I’ve been through a lot with Windows, and writing programs. I started out on Word Perfect. Don’t miss the blue screen, though. But Windows 10, for all of its bells and whistles, is a pain in the…

Why oh why do the updates eat drivers? Like what are you supposed to do without a keyboard? I’m on a laptop. No, I do not want to hunt for a wired keyboard in my house- and yes I have several(the clicky clicky is weird)- no, I want to use the one attached to the screen. You know, that one? Comes standard on laptops? Yes, that one.

I write. Typing is a huge part of that. And well, this is the second laptop where my OS has decided that the keyboard driver should take a powder(I really love that phrase). Keyboards are handy things. You know? They help you communicate. They are essential. So, why, oh why would anyone create an update that deletes a driver? Come on, now, I know how it works. Bug fixes are awesome, but my keyboard driver is not a bug. Just because I pound away at the keys for several hours a day, does not mean I hate it.

Oh, no. I love my keyboard. It helps me ever so much.

Anyone else have issues with losing drivers?

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