I Created A Facebook Group

Not really sure what the difference is between a group and a page, but my poor little Facebook page has 53 followers. Sad, I know. Someone suggested that a group was better, so I said what the hell? I’ll create a group. And now I have one, with 2 members. Me, and me. woohoo.

I am apparently a sad little hooman. I have no idea how to drive traffic to my social media accounts. What posts spark that Aha! moment for a potential follower? Not a damned clue. I’m working on it though. Maybe y’all can help me out here. What makes you join one Facebook group as opposed to another?

I personally join groups related to what I write, read, or things that I’m interested in. I get invited into a lot of groups, which is odd(to me), but if I like the content, I join to see more posts. Sometimes I even comment!(I’m a scroller, really.) Quiet little mouse that reads, chooses an emoji, and moves on.

Navigating my Instagram is easier for some reason. Facebook baffles me, really, and I have no idea about twitter and I’ve tried. I think I’m too verbose(Can’t seem to say something witty in less than so many characters). Or maybe I am the only one that thinks I’m witty?

If I want to say things that cross my mind, it usually takes me quite a few sentences. For example:

Tonight, my neighbor offered me a shot of peanut butter whiskey. I am not a fan of whiskey(I prefer tequila) and I definitely don’t want it flavored peanut butter and said as much. I prefer my peanut butter covered in chocolate. Then she offered to add Bailey’s to it. Now, while that sounds good in theory- I don’t wanna drink a Reeses cup.

Not knockin’ it now. To each their own. It’s just not me. I am that way about a lot of things. Don’t mind listenin’ to you tell it and won’t judge you for it. Most likely it’s a very interesting tale.

But I digress. I now have a Facebook group, which you can find here. So far, it’s not much. I have rules and one little post. If you read/write paranormal fantasy and you aren’t judgy about people, places, or things(nouns- get it? hahahaha. Okay, I’m not funny) then please come by, join, add somethin’?

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