How does your book begin?

Good question, honestly, and one I’ve seen asked a lot in roundabout ways. Some people will say- oh, I have this grand plan, and I’ve got this fantastic world but no characters. Some start with a character.
The Menagerie Series began with one character for me. It all revolved around this 25-year-old female named Kate, who had dreams of becoming a web designer.
Then, I had a plan to get the girl out of her crappy diner job, away from her overbearing stepfather, and into a brand new world.
In my head, she already had quirks, a myriad of facial expressions, and a phrase- Yes? No? Okay? I knew all about her.
Then came the worldbuilding.
Not all writers begin with a character. Like I said, some start with a world.
I, however, began with Kate.
What started out as a simple story about a beautiful but sad female who meets a beautiful and rich male with a troubled past ended up being completely different.

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