As you can see…

Based on one of my covers, at least, I have gay characters.
When I began The Menagerie Series, Double Entendre started out with a very human Kate who meets the dashing and mysterious Elijah. Then Kate becomes a Tiger, Elijah is an Elemental, and the story grew from there. The world expanded to include gods, goddesses, Bears, Lions, and Toads. I love the Toads. They are the comic relief amongst all the bleeding and dying. Or as dead as any immortal creature can be.
Things happen. Characters do tend to have minds of their own, and then they write themselves. They live, love, grow, and change from one book to the next. The cast grows, and the world expands. Then Time drops a major plot twist.

It’s half-past three in the morning here, and I’ve edited the next chapter of See Who Loves You Now for daylight’s post on Wattpad, but I’m trying to work out the next chapter of Book two for Gaia’s Alphas. About once a week, I’m up this late because I have an idea, and I need the alone time to flesh it out.
Back to my original point before I make myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, some of my characters are gay, some are straight, some just are. As the Félidés’ will tell you- they prefer to be preferred.

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